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Bengali Wedding

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Bengali Weddings are Culture Oriented. Bengali wedding involves a number of rituals which begin three days prior to the main marriage. Although these rituals do not play a major role for the outsiders, still they have a importance for the bride and bride groom for a happy married life. The entire family gets involved in the marriage.
About Bengal/ Bengali

Bengal is the State of India which nears South India - geographically. It has the charms of the new age and the soil of Old Tradition. Most heavily rained after Cherapunji, the state has semi humid air, semi - hot summers and pleasant winters. Bengal State has give many Scholars to India. It people are more involved in the areas of the Arts than Science. Arts and Music are the main lifeline of Bengal.

Growing paddy is the main Agriculture of Bengal.

Bengali Feast
Wedding Food
The feast is a huge one, having a number of Bengali Delicacies like Chingri macher malaikary "Kalia" (a preparation of fish), Macher muro diye mugger dal (pulses with fish head ), Alu Dam Chingrir cutlet (Prawn cutlet), Doi Mach (Fish in curd), Chicken Curry Mutton Curry Misti Dahi( Sweet Curd), Chatni Papad Bhaja Sweets (Sandesh, Rosogolla), Ice Cream and Pan are the main menu of any Bengali Wedding.

Bengali  Dress
Wedding Dress
The Brides Dress Usually a Off - White Color Saree with dark red Border. The Groom on the other hand wears a white kurta ( long shirt) with a white dhoti. A white colored head gear is also worn by both the bride and the bridgegroom. This headgear is usually made of Sea Fenni. Gold ornaments do not play much importance in Bengali Marriage.

Bengali CoupleCustoms of Bengali Wedding :
All the Bengali Weddings have some common pre and on marriage ceremonies :

» Pre - Marriage Ceremonies

Ashirbaad : In the morning hours of the marriage day, the couple to be gets blessed by their elders. Husked rice is sprinkled on their heads and Gold Ornaments are given to them.

Aai Budo Bhaat : Aai Budho Bhaat is the bachelorette party which is give to the Bride by her relatives. This party signifies the approval of the brides marriage be her relatives.

Holud Kota : In this ceremony the bride is applied Haldi/ Turmeric by five or seven married women.

Dodhi Mongol : On the day of the Marriage, in the early morning hours, five married women of the brides side, adorn her with Traditional Bangles called the Shakha and Paula - one pair of red and one pair or white bangles. The meal of Rice and Curd is also served to her, which is the only meal she takes in the entire day, till the marriage is solmenized.

Mehandi : A day prior to the Marriage, Mehndi ( Indian Tatoo), is applied on the hands and feet of the Bride. Various designs, some bold and some light in color are made. It takes one to eight hours for the Mehndi to dry up, till the color of Mehandi comes on the hands.

» Marriage Ceremonies :

Bor Boron : When the Bridegroom reaches the door of the Bride, the enitre family of the groom is welcomed by the Brides relatives. Husked rice and trefiol are sprinkled on them. Then sweets are served to them as a good omen.

Potto Bastra : After the welcome, the groom is made to sit at the chadnatolla - wedding altar and canopy - the sanctum sanctorum where the bride, the bridegroom and the priest sits. Here the Groom is offered new clothes by the person who will carry out Sampradan.

Saat Paak : In this, the bride who sitting on a wooden surface, is lifted by her brothers and taken around the groom in seven circles. This signifies that the bride and the bridegroom are tightly winded with each other.

Mala Badal : In Mala Badal, the bride and the bridegroom exchange Garlands with each other.

Sampradan : In Sampradan, the hands of both bride and groom are winded with a white thread, amongst vedic recitals. Their hands are then put on a sacred brass pot filled with water. As soon as they touch the water filled pot, vedic chants are again recited.

Yagna : After Sampradan is over, the bride and the groom sit in front of the fire. They take the blessings of the God Fire as they recite Vedic Chants after the priest.

Saat Paak : Seven Circles are taken by the couple around the fire. Once the circle is complete, the boy lifts the bride and crosses her over a Stone. This method signifies, that the Groom is taking the bride front her home and is taking her to his home with approval from family members.

Sindoor Daan and Ghomta : In this ceremony, red color Sindoor is put on the head of the bride by the groom without seeing her face. This Sindoor is put with a Beetle Leaf. After this the Groom presents her with a new saree which she accepts. This is the acceptance of each other.

Not to be Missed

Dakshineshwar Temple - Situated in Old Calcutta/Kolkatta, the Dakshineshwar Temple is the most revered place of the Kolkatta. A single visit in the entire life is supposed to be the most Auspicious thing to do in Bengali Culture. So if you are in Calcutta, then you must visit this place.

Our Suggestions
  • If you want to enjoy the entire Bengali marriage, then you should be there two days before the wedding date. The ceremonies of the Bengali Weddings begin three - two days prior to the Wedding date.
  • Dressing up in bright colors is supposed to auspicious. Avoid wearing pure black or pure white in any of the Indian Weddings.
  • Most of the Bengali Weddings have Non - Vegetarian Delicacies. So if you are a vegetarian let your hosts know beforehand.
  • The Winters are the best time to be in Calcutta. Neither to hot nor too cold, these are the days to take a tour round the city.
  • There are direct trains to Calcutta. All the major flight carriers take you to Kolkatta. For further details contact us.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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