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Christian Wedding

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In Christian Marriages, the husband and wife are considered to be one. They are supposed to have two souls but one flesh. As per Christian ideology, Jesus has created the marriage as an instrument for bringing about happiness and well being of its people. It is considered to be a part of Baptism wherein marriage is a special sacrament so that two people can assume the duties of well being of each other and lasting faith.
About Christians

Christians are one of the majority of religious clan which have come to India from far away lands. Decades have passed away and generations have gone away in the Soil of the India. Today Christians are an integral part of India Subcontinent.

Christians in India, can be found in every sphere - they are Doctors, Engineers, Farmers, Fishermen, Teachers, Scholars.....; the list is endless. Christians are supposed to be a forward society having many of its Culture and Traditions similar to Western Society. They resemble westeners in their food, culture, traditional ceremonies and other such things. However, the Christians imbibed the Indian Culture as they lived in Indian Culture.

Christian  Feast
Wedding Food
The Christian Wedding Feast usually includes Cakes, Pastries, Muffins and other bakery produced products. Wine and Non - Vegetarian Food are the main menu of a Christian Wedding.

Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress
The Bride usually wears a long White Gown with flowers in her hand. Her entire dress is of white color including the sandals and the head gear. the groom wears a Black Suit with a black Bow.

Christian  CoupleCustoms of Christian Wedding :
» Pre - Marriage Ceremonies

There are as such no pre marriage ceremonies except that the Bride and Bridegroom are taught about the rituals of the actual marriage two months before the marriage. Most of the Christian Marriages are held in The Church, so the Priest or the Father has to be told about the Marriage Date in Advance.

» Marriage Ceremonies :

In the Christian Marriage the Marriage begins when the bride and bride-groom comes in front of the ailse. Before this as soon as the Bride reaches the Church Gate in her flowing White Gown, she is walked down to the Altar by her father. Her Best Man - a close relative or friend of the Bride follows her. Following the Best Man are the bridesman who follow the bride by lifting her trail.

On reaching the Altar, the choirs are sung by the musicians and the people present in the Church. The Priest/ Father of the church describes the young couple and then takes oath from them. Once they agree to the vows, the wedding rings are exchanged. Subsequently, the priest proclaims them as Man and Wife. Thus the Marriage is solmenised.

Not to be Missed

Bom Jesus Church - Located in Old Goa, this Church has retains the Holy Body of St. Francis Xaviers. Seen by hundreds and thousands of people from worldover, its a place not to be missed out !

Our Suggestions
  • Christian Marriages can be attended by anyone but prior permission has to be taken to attend one.
  • Dressing up in any kind of dress is not a question here. But nicely dressed people are most welcomed here as its the wedding time!
  • Christians prepare Non - Vegetarian Food which is accompanied by drinks. If you do not take these, then you should avoid the Wedding Feast which is usually after the Marriage.
  • Goa is the place where most of the Christians live. They have a prominent population in South India too.
  • You can directly reach Goa and South India by train.There are direct flights too to Goa and major cities of South India.. For further details contact us.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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