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Gujarati Wedding

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Gujarati Marriages are colorful, bright and full blast music. Gujaratis tend to be Vibrant just like the title given to Gujarat - Vibrant Gujarat. Any Gujarati marriage is incomplete without hours of dancing. Even the bride and the Bride Groom are invited to the Marriage Dance. People dressed in all the seven colors of Rainbows, sound, music and dance fills the marriage air. Unlike other Marriages of India (Maharashtrian marriages are exception to it), the Gujarati Marriage is held in the morning hours and finishes up before Night.
About Gujarat/ Gujaratis

If you have heard about the Thar Desert, the Ass Wildlife Sanctuary, Akshardham Temple, Somnath Temple and the Kutcchh Desert, then you must go to Gujarat. With Festivals like International Kite Festival and the Garbha in Navratri Days, Gujarat invites people from worldover.

One of the most forward socities of India, Gujarat is known to the world as a mixed culture.

Gujarati  Feast
Wedding Food
Khakhara, Dhokla, Khamand, Raspbery, Papdi, Dal Bati, Golgappey, are some of the famous foods of Gujarat Marriages. Gujarati Marriage Feast is one of the best foods you can savour in Gujarat. The food is mainly vegetarian as the Gujarat State is a Dry State.

Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress
The Wedding Dress of a Gujarati Bride is called as Panetar. Panetar is usually six meters long; its cream in color with the red/mahroon border having golden embroidery. The Groom wears a Sherwani with a Safa ( Cap ) of Red color and Jootis matching to the Sherwani Color.

Gujarati  CoupleCustoms of Gujarati Wedding :
All the Gujarati Weddings have some common pre and on marriage ceremonies :

» Pre - Marriage Ceremonies :

Mangni : In this ceremony, the Marriage Rings are exchanged between the Boy and the Girl in the presence of Relatives. Usually Mangani is a small affair where only the relatives and close friends of both the sides are invited. Sweets are distributed and a common feast is given to both the families.

Sangeet : A dance program is held in both the homes, seperatly. This dance call the Garbha Dance, singnifies the marriage. Songs especially meant for the Marriage are sung and marriage Dance are performed by both the homes. This Dance calls for the beginning of the Marriage.

Mehandi : On the day of Sangeet itself, Mehandi - the Tatoo Function is held. In the evening of the Sangeet, the Mehandi is applied on the hands and feet of the Bride. It is said, more the color of the mehandi, more will the bride be loved by her In - Laws.

» Marriage Ceremonies :

Ghodi Chadna : The Marriage Day begins with the Groom riding on the back of the She - Horse to leave for the Brides Home. Grooms relative follow him dancing to the tunes of the drummers. The entire Barat keeps on dancing till they reach the Brides Home.

Pokavu Ceremony : The Groom and his relatives are received by the Girls relatives at the Marriage Venue. Rose petals and perfume is sprayed on them as they are welcomed inside the Wedding Hall.

Mangalpheras Ceremony : After the Barat reaches the brides home and they are welcomed then the Groom is taken to the stage. Here the Grooms feet are washed with Milk The brides mother pinches the Grooms Nose as he asks her approval.Once she agrees to it, the Bride is brought to the Stage. On brides arrival, the Bride and Bride Groom are made to sit in front of the pyre. Vows are exchanged with the help of the Marriage Priest and the four rounds are taken around the Pyre. These four Pheras signify four basic human Goals Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. The completion of the rounds, signify the marriage completion. The last thing which the Groom does here is to put Sindoor on the Brides Forehead, acknowlidging her as his Wife.

Not to be Missed

Somnath Temple - Situated in the Somnath City of Gujarat, this Somnath Temple has a lot of Historical Importance. It is said that the Mauhammed Gauri attacked this Temple 17 times to take the wealth from this Temple. Each time he came, he went away with kilos of Gold from this Temple. Today it stands as a reflection of its. Touching the sea, having a beautiful clean beach, its a temple to see!

Our Suggestions
  • Gujarati Marriages are held in the daytime, so there is no need to take warm woolens even if its winter season.
  • Gujarat has high temperatures round the year, so full sleves cottons are the best wears here.
  • Traditionally the couple is blessed when its standing on the Marriage Stage. If you want to wish them, then go on the stage.
  • Gujarat has some of the most beautiful attractions. Temples like Sun Temple and Akshardham Temple, Wildlife and Archelogical Sancturies like Ass Sanctuary are some of the places to go for.
  • Gujarat is a Dry State as well as Vegetarian State, where only Vegetarian Food is served. There are very less chances you will find Non - Vegetarian Food here.
  • There are Direct trains to all the major cities of Gujarat. Once you are in Gujarat, you can also cover distances by Cab. High Flying Carries can take you to big cities of Gujarat like Ahmedabad and Gujarat. For further details contact us.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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