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Rajasthani Wedding

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Rajasthanis are a very big clan of India who live in Rajasthan State. Though they can be found all over the country, still they are heavily residing in rajasthan - the State of Rajasthanis. Colorful, fearless and adaptive to tough climates, they are one of the most lively caste. The Rajasthani Weddings are as per their nature - colorful, full of live and vibes.
About Rajasthan/ Rajasthanis

Rajasthanis are called the Hard Men for the reason they live in the tough and barren lands of the desert. Living in the conditions where the water is minimum and the vegetation rare; these people live a life which surpasses normal living conditions. Tough and rugged, the Rajasthani People are known for their colorful lifes.

Milking and Trade between countries are the main profiles of Rajasthani People.

Rajasthani  Feast
Wedding Food
Sounth Ke Ladoo, Motichoor Ke Ladoo, Papad Ki Subzi, Dal Bati Churma, Gattee ki Sabzee, Missi Roti, Moong Ka Halwa, Shahi Kadhi Chawal, Bajre Ki Roti, Meeth Paak, Meetha Pan, Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhni, Mix Vegetable, Dry Fruit Chutney are some of the most delicacies of Rajasthan prepared in Rajasthani Marriage. Any Rajasthani marriage devoid of these dishes is considered to be incomplete !

Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress
The Bridal Dress is the Dark Colored mosly Red and heavily embroided Ghagra Chunri. A lot of Gold Ornaments are also worn by the bride. The Groom wears the Sherwani ( Long Kurta and Payjama), with Rajasthani Jootis. The Sherwani can be of any color. With the Sherwani there is also a long duppatta which is of Dark Color as compared to the color of the Sherwani.

Rajasthani CoupleCustoms of Rajasthani Wedding :
All the Rajasthani Weddings have some common pre and on marriage ceremonies :

» Pre - Marriage Ceremonies :

Engagement : In this Ceremony the Bride to be and the Groom to be exchange rings as part of the acceptance of each other. this is followed by the blessings of the elders and the pre marriage feast for the relatives and friends.

Ganpati Sthapana : Before the Marriage Begins, the idol of the Lord Ganesha - the god of Intelligence, is brought in the Home of the Groom and kept inside the Temple. Blessings are taken from the Lord for a successful marriage.

Pithi Dastoor : This Custom involves the application of Turmeric/ Haldi paste on the hands and feet of the Bride/ Groom in their respective homes. As per the Custom the Bride and the Groom are not allowed to step outside the home after this ceremony, till the marriage is over.

Mehfils : A day before the marriage, a mehfil/ small party is set in the premises of the home of either of Bride and Bridegroom. Members of both families gather to see the famous dance of Rajasthan called the Ghoomar Dance. Even the home members dance in this function. The Mehfil is followed by a Dinner for both the families.

Janeva Ceremony : In this Ceremony, on the morning of the marriage, the Groom is dressed in saffron robes. He is supposed to perform a Havan ( prayer before Fire God), in which he wears a pious thread. It signifies that after wearing this thread, the boy will either seek renunciation from the worldly affairs or enter the Married Life.

Palla Dastoor : On the wedding day, in the early morning hours, the Grooms Father and Brothers come to the Brides house with Gifts of Jewellery and Wedding dress for the Bride.

Toran : The entrance of the brides home is decorated with flowers and straw and this is called as Toran. The groom hits the Toran with a Straw to ward off the Evil Eye from his to be Bride. This Ceremony is called the Toranchar.

» Marriage Ceremonies :

Granthi Bandhan : After applying some turmeric paste on the Girls hand, the father of the Bride gives her hand in the hands of the Groom. This signifies that he is passing on his responsibility to the Groom. This Ritual is called Kanyadan - Kanya meaning Daughter and Daan meaning Giving.

Paani Grahan : In this Ceremony, the Groom takes the Right Hand of the Bride in his hand thus taking her responsibility for lifetime.

Phera Ceremony : After taking the Brides responsibility, the Bride and the Groom go round the fire seven times. This act is called Pheras. ( in some four pheras are taken in the Brides home and the Rest of the three pheras are done in the Grooms house after the Bride has undergone the Bidai Ceremony).

Satapadi : After going round the fire, the Bride and the Groom now take Seven steps together towards the Sun Gods Direction. It signifies that from now onwards both of them will walk together in all the situations of life - wether good or bad. Now both proclaim themselves as Man and Wife.

Bidai : After all the ceremonies are done, the Girl/ Bride is handed over to the Boy/Groom. Now she is sent along her better half by her relatives.

Our Suggestions
  • Most of the Rajasthani Marriages have Vegetarian Food in their Wedding Feast. Eating meat and Drinking Wine is considered to be inauspicious by many. So if you are attending a Rajasthani Marriage, keep in with their customs.
  • The Rajasthani Marriages are usually held in the night in winters. So take along some light woolens while you are attending the Marriage.
  • If you wish to bless or congratulate the married couple, then you may do so on the completion of the marriage.
  • If you attending a Rajasthani Marriage in Rajasthan, then be there in the months of January and February. These two are the best months of Rajasthan.
  • Anything long and brightly colored is considered to be the best dress in a Rajasthani Dress. If you wish to attend a Rajasthani Wedding in the typical Rajasthani Dress, then contact us for the same.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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